Indoor Classes

We have some General Indoor Rules that apply to all racers.

Then we have a set of basic rules for each of our classes.

For our next club championship (10 weeks from 9th April 2024) the classes we are running are:

We also have rules for these additional classes that have not been active for some time, but could make a return in future. If you would like to run one of them please get in touch

General Rules (all classes)

Lipo Handling

Maximum LiPo voltage of 8.40v for 2S and 4.20v for 1S must never be exceeded. LiPos must be charged and discharged in closed LiPo sacks. Charging must be balanced, and at no more than the maximum charge rate advised by the manufacturer / supplier. Additionally charge rate must not exceed the club maximum of 10 amps

Anyone found to be exceeding these voltage or charge/discharge rate rules will be asked to leave the venue.

Tyre Additive

Only tyre additive from the BRCA approved list may be used.

Ride Height

Minimum ride height is  3mm for GT12 and 5mm for all other classes.

GT12 chassis must be sanded and smoothed at the edges to avoid cutting the carpet. Bodyshells for all classes must be rounded off at the wheelarches

1:10 Touring Car Rules

Motor/ESC: 17.5T Blinky
Battery: 2S Lipo
Tyres: Open (rubber)
Min Weight: 1320g

1:10 Front Wheel Drive (Frontie)

Motor/ESC: 17.5T Blinky
Battery: 2S Lipo
Tyres: Treaded tyres, either ride or sweep pre mounted
Body: From the approved list with the supplied wing, no TC bodies
Other: Any commercially available car. Converted 4WD TC permitted but  ALL rear running gear to be removed and motor to be in front 50% of the car.

Mini Touring Car (MTC) Rules

We race to UK MTC rules. Rubber tyres preferred but drivers who run on foams are also welcome.

The latest rules are published on the UK MTC Facebook Group (Facebook login required)

Current version at time of writing (version 1.04 / July 2019) also available here (pdf)

GT12 Rules

This class is not currently active. If you would like to run it please get in touch

Motor/ESC: 13.5T Blinky
Battery: 1S Lipo
Tyres: Open

Tamiya Truck Rules

This class is not currently active. If you would like to run it please get in touch

Kit: Tamiya Racing Truck TT-01E
Motor: Kit standard (Tamiya Torque-Tuned)
ESC: Tamiya Kit ESC (tble-02s) or Hobbywing 1060
Battery: 2S Lipo or 6 cell NiMH
Tyres: Kit tyres only
Wheels: Tamiya Truck or M-Chassis Wheels
Chassis: Kit tub chassis
Body Shell: Kit shell or other truck-style shell of similar profile, weight and size (e.g. Montec)
Gearing: Any Tamiya-available gear ratio, i.e. Any compatible Tamiya spur and pinion, or third party items of identical size and pitch.
Permitted Hopups: Ball races. Oil-filled shocks. Aluminium parts which do not provide a speed/handling advantage or alter the geometry.

No other changes from the kit standard parts are permitted.

Tamiya  M-Chassis Rules

The philosophy: Fair and fun racing. Level playing field. Modest budget. Same motor(s) and gearing for everyone. Chassis and components limited to what you would find in the box of a genuine Tamyia M-Chassis kit (including the ‘R’ variants), plus a small number of specifically permitted upgrades (see below). Don’t look for loop-holes!  Build you car to the spirit of these rules and have fun trying to race your car to the front of the field. 

Kit: Tamiya M-01, M-03, M-05, M-06, M-07, M-08 (including “Pro” and “R” variants) Tip – M-07 is most popular with our drivers
Motor: Tamiya Torque Tuned or 27T silvercan (Mabuchi RS540SH or Johnson 540J)
ESC: Tamiya Kit ESC (tble-02s) or Hobbywing 1060
Battery: 2S Lipo or 6 cell NiMH
Rush Mini Tyres 30R Pre Glued / Volante Pre-glued Mini Slick 30R
Tip – Cheaper than Tamiya wheels + tyres without the need to assemble and glue yourself.
Tip – Volante’s 5-spoke wheels are preferred as more robust than their multi-spoke version 

Any Tamiya-manufactured 60D size tyre with Any Tamiya insert
Chassis: Kit standard chassis
Body Shell: Any body designed for M-scale cars (M-Chassis or MTC) of the correct wheelbase and that covers the chassis and wheels without modification of the chassis or body (e.g. no cut outs). General track rules about ground clearance and removing sharp edges that could damage the carpet continue to apply.
Wings: Permitted but must be the wing supplied by the manufacturer for the body being used, or a replacement of the same size and profile.
Gearing: Any 20T .6 pitch pinion (or 21T forM-06). Kit standard gear set, or Tamiya reinforced gear set of identical ratio
Differential: Tamiya kit standard gear diff, or alternative sealed oil filled gear diff.
Permitted Hopups: Ball races. Oil-filled shocks. Servo saver. Foam bumper. Universal joint/double carden drive shafts. Aluminium parts which do not provide a speed/handling advantage or alter the geometry.

No other changes from the kit standard parts are permitted.

Mardave Rules

These rules are a copy ( with permission) of the very popular Basildon Buggy Club mini rules.

This class is based on the basis on the principals of close, fair, and low-cost racing. Whilst other makes of car can be used, they must be of similar design and construction to the Mardave Mini Assassin range of cars. Performance is limited by the construction, and cars should be run “out of the box,” with minor modifications such as manufacturer produced parts.

The Rules outlined below may not necessarily cover every single aspect of car construction and drivers are required to follow the spirit and intention of these rules if any ambiguity is discovered. If you are in doubt of your car being within the rule set, please ask a Race official to clarify. DO NOT JUST ASSUME MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR CAR IS OK.

1. General Rules
1.1 Cars may use any make of clear Lexan Austin/Morris/BL Mini shells (NO ABS).
1.2 No convertibles or pick-ups can be run.
1.3 Spoilers are allowed but must be to the following dimensions.  160mm wide (max).  35mm depth +/- 3mm.  25mm side height +/- 2mm.  15mm max height from the top off the shell.
1.4 Windows must be clear, no tint or black out.
1.5 Headlamps and grills must be defined. Lights are not allowed to be used on the car.
1.6 Shells must have no sharp edges that could cause harm to other racers/marshals or damage the carpet.
1.7 Shells must run a minimum clearance of 4mm.
1.8 Body and chassis must be securely joined at all times while the car is on the track.
1.9 Wheel rim diameter (not the tyre) maximum is 40mm, and 26mm Width.
1.10 Wheels must be fixed by a single fixing.
1.11 Tyre treatments are permitted providing they are on the BRCA allowed water based additive list.
1.12 Wheel nuts and/or axles must not protrude more than 2.0mm beyond the outer edge of the wheels. No more than 1.5mm of wheel outer side may be exposed (not covered with foam) on the outer edge of wheels.
1.13 Rigid bumpers made from non-resilient materials such as metal are not allowed (except for Juniors). Other sheet materials should be no thinner than 1.5mm, anyone found to be repeatedly damaging the track markings or other racers cars due to running big bumpers will be asked to change to a softer construction of bumper.
1.14 The minimum ground clearance of the car, not including the spur gear is 3mm.

2. Gearing
2.1 32dp only.
2.2 15, 16, or 17 tooth pinions ONLY.
2.3 48 or 50 tooth spurs ONLY.

3. Motor
3.1 Mardave G2 F20 only, these cannot be tampered with in anyway, motors may be water bathed, Motor additives are allowed. Motor Spacers can be used.

4. Speed Controller
4.1 Any commercially available Mtroniks (Mardave/Kamtec) brushed speed controller with a list price of less than £50.

5. Batteries
5.1 Batteries must be made up from 4 Sub-C Metal Hydride cells. Pack may be in “stick” or “saddle” format. These must be readily available to purchase. Batteries may be wrapped but the club can ask for the wrapping to be removed for inspection if required.

6. Servo
6.1 Any commercially available servo with a list price of less than £50.

7. Chassis and Components
7.1 The main chassis component will consist of one continuous sheet of material. It can be either fibreglass, carbon, or Aluminium.
7.2 Overall maximum width of the rolling chassis to be 165mm.
7.3 Wheelbase is to be 176mm +/-3mm.
7.4 Chassis components must be commercially available.
7.5 Chassis bottom must be flat with no protruding fixings.
7.6 No modifications are allowed to the chassis, but edges may be smoothed, sanded, or sealed.
7.7 2 springs may be fitted on the front end, and up to 3 springs may be fitted to the rear.
7.8 A solid axle must be used. No differential.
7.9 Rolling element (ball) bearings are allowed on the front and rear axles.

If in any doubt, please check with the race officials. If you wish to run prototype / development parts, this must be cleared with the race officials prior to the race meeting. You will not score championship points if you are running prototype /development parts.

Anyone found in breach of the rules will be asked to finish the meeting early and will not be allowed to finish the race meeting (no refund will be given), this will be followed by a 2 week ban from racing. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the club permanently.